LEGO Marvels Avengers Debut Trailer Feature

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers Screenshots, Footage and Details

During this year’s E3 we got some extra details about LEGO Marvel’s Avengers and some screenshots and footage.

This is a breakdown of the info collected by Game Informer:

– The game is based on the first two films;
– New York City is attacked by the nefarious chitauri warriors;
– Includes Age of Ultron content as well;
– The E3 demo begins with the invasion;
– Civilians are pinned beneath wreckage, and Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow have to rescue them by destroying wrecked cars and other debris;
– Some of the debris is guarded by chitauri enemies;
– The characters are largely the same as in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes;
– However, there are some subtle differences with the characters compared to the last game;
– Captain America can walk through flames and now extinguish them with a mighty leap and a flame-smothering shield smash;
– Characters can team up for special combo attacks, which are context-sensitive;
– You stand on a marked area and wait for your teammate (or A.I. buddy) to walk over and press a button for combos, then they perform a maneuver, which changes depending on the duo;
– Captain America uses his shield as a platform for Black Widow and she bounces into the air, spraying bullets downwards at the apex of her jump;
– Thor rings the Captain’s shield like a bell, destroying objects and enemies nearby;
– Captain America reflects Iron Man’s energy attack to destroy airborne enemies;
– Over 100 all-new characters in the game;
– All-new New York City hub;
– The hub will have activities to keep players busy.

Finally, you can find the screenshots and IGN footage, below: