LEGO Dimensions E3 2015 Trailer Feature

LEGO Dimensions Screenshots, Footage and Details

During the E3 week we got some new information about LEGO Dimensions.

Here are a few details from IGN’s article about Portal’s inclusion in the game:

– All of the Portal hallmarks remain;
– This ranges from the constant sarcastic sass spouted by the chatty GLaDOS to the depressed tones of the eternally bummed out robot turrets;
– The “cake is a lie” graffiti makes an appearance on the concrete wall behind the lab’s facade;
– Emphasis on Chell’s portal gun seems to have been reduced when it comes to puzzle-solving;
– Uses the physical “toy pad” peripheral;
– For example, at certain points, the three light-up sections of the toy pad need to be colored by positioning a character on a colored pad onscreen to ‘paint’ them, and then physically moving their actual minifig to the correspondingly coloured panel on the toy pad itself;
– You may also need to find hidden items in the world using the toy pad as a guide;
– The gun flashes red when you are going in the wrong direction;
– Gradually shifts to green as you head towards the right spot;
– Not all puzzle-solving is about the toy pad;
– At one point, you need to use an environmental ‘keystone’ to scale Batman to about ten times his normal size;
– This allows his extra height to activate an otherwise out of reach lever;
– Use Gandalf’s gift for magic to propel a levitated Companion Cube through a series of tubes and onto one of Aperture Science’s signature big red buttons.

You can also find some screenshots and footage from the game below:

GameSpot Footage:

IGN Footage:

Family Gamer Footage: