Lifespeed July 27 Feature

Lifespeed Interview with Wee Man Studios

Earlier today, Nintendo Life uploaded a video interview with Wee Man Studios, the indie developers behind Lifespeed, a futuristic racer inspired by F-Zero and Star Fox.

I find it important to note that Rebeca mentions there will be online leaderboards but no multiplayer, at least in this initial release. Kind of a shame, but hopefully the game will be received well enough to warrant that multiplayer DLC or sequel…

The game is supposed to come out around September/October, and they also introduce some of the main characters we have seen in official art before.

You can watch the interview video below:

NOTE: This game would have so much more fans if it came out in the regular 3DS… ~_~’

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7 years ago

I would’ve definitely bought the game had it come out on the normal 3DS. (if that’s what we call it now :3)