Dragon Quest VIII July 28 Feature

New Dragon Quest VIII Details and Screenshots

Square Enix has released some new details and screenshots about the Streetpass and Online functionality present in Dragon Quest VIII for 3DS.

Here’s a breakdown of all the new details:

– You can personalize photos you take in Camera Mode with stamps, frames and various other arrangements;
– The stamp’s size and angle can be adjusted to your liking;
– The 3DS version of the game significantly increases the costume lineup, and you can use these costumes to take even nicer pictures;
– Players can exchange photos via StreetPass;
– You choose the photo you’d like to send to everyone, add a message, and create a “Postcard”, that will be automatically exchanged with someone else’s postcard when you pass by them;
– You can also see how your postcards have been evaluated and how many time’s it’s been passed around;
– The evaluations can be “Interesting”, “Pretty” or “Surprising”, and you can receive rewards like items or additional photo arrangements depending on how much it has been passed to others;
– You can also share photo postcards via the Internet in addition to StreetPass;
– The game’s Alchemy element, Casino and Monster Arena are also shown in the screenshots;
– Items created via alchemy in the 3DS version are completed immediately upon putting in the materials, and there are tons of new items for alchemy available;
– A new rank and scoutable monsters have also been added to the Monster Arena.

Below, you can find a gallery with all the new screenshots pertaining to these features: