May 31st Nintendo Direct – Full Presentation and overall details

Earlier today, Nintendo presented us with a new Japan exclusive Nintendo Direct.

That said, here’s the full presentation for you to watch and a general breakdown of what was covered.

0:30 – Dragon Quest VIII (3DS) is covered, new debut trailer. Release date is August 27, 5980 yen plus tax;

3:15 – Super Robot Taisen BX (3DS) is covered, shows some series participating in the game like the previous trailer. Release date is August 20, 6640 yen plus tax. UX download version is on sale at 3800 yen until June 30;

4:28 – The mobile game Tobidase! Nyanko Daisensou is coming to 3DS as an eShop download title for 719 yen plus tax. Released after the presentation;

5:50 – Fire Emblem If (3DS) is shown, new My Castle feature and Amiibo interactivity are introduced. Release date is June 25, 4700 yen plus tax (for one of the versions);

9:10 – Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, Amiibo Cards and NFC Reader are covered, NFC game bundle announced. A New Nintendo 3DS XL and Face Plates dedicated to the game were announced too. All release on July 30, game is 4000 yen and cards are 300 yen per pack;

10:56 – Famicom Remix: Best Choice (3DS) is shown. Release date is August 28, 3700 yen;

12:30 – Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon (3DS) is shown, new debut trailer. Release date is September 17, 4700 yen;

13:30 – Guru-Guru Chibi Robo game and Amiibo are announced for 3DS, this time it’s a side-scrolling game where you can use the tail plug as a weapon and to break blocks. You can also use it as a grappling hook and can collect blue orbs to extend it’s reach. The Amiibo can be used to play as a golden super version of the robot. Both are releasing this Fall;

16:15 – Dr. Mario is announced for 3DS, includes vs. play. The game released for 880 yen after the presentation;

18:26 – Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is announced for Wii U and 3DS.

19:40 – Wii software is announced for the Wii U, including Super Mario Galaxy. The game was made available after the presentation for 2700 yen;

20:30 – Yoshi’s Woolly World (Wii U) is shown. New patterns include Rainbow Yoshi, Winter Yoshi, Moo-Moo Yoshi, Piranha Yoshi, Famicom Yoshi, etc. Releases on July 16, for 5700 yen. Special Edition for 7000 yen, and each Amiibo for 1800 yen;

23:44 – Koopa Jr., Dr. Mario and Olimar Amiibo confirmed for July 30 release;

23:58 – Project Treasure (Wii U) gets a new trailer;

25:15 – Monster Hunter Poka-Poka Airou Village DX (3DS) is announced, debut trailer shown. Releases on September 10, 3900 yen;

27:35 – Monster Hunter X (Cross) is announced for 3DS. Coming out this Winter.

And that’s all!

I will make a few posts after this with extra details or official trailers for certain titles, so stay tuned!