Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer July 19 Feature

New Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Details and Footage

Thanks to a preview of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer by Nintendo Life, we have some new information about the game.

Here’s a breakdown of all the new details:

– Happy Home Designer features a hub like the city found in City Folk;
– Your office is located there, and it’s where the action happens;
– There are public facilities like restaurants, shops and hospitals that can be built over time, and are managed by your assistant Isabel;
– This hub area expands as you progress;
– Players have a job where they are in charge of planning, designing and decorating homes for the numerous random animals who demand your services;
– Animals can be found wandering the central hub, and you can approach them and accept their request to initiate a project;
– You then set up a meeting in your office in order to advance the process;
– First you need to choose a section of the map for their house;
– Each section has their own terrain and characteristics. For example, you may choose to give your customer a lovely beachside home or one that sits on the edge of a river bank;
– You can choose the “Season” as well, making an animal live in all-year-round scorching summer or perpetual winter;
– You can then begin designing the actual house, while picking from an ever increasing selection of wall materials, roof types, doors and fences;
– Next, you can decorate the inside and outside of the animal’s home, choosing from various features such as swimming pools or sand pits;
– The catalog of furniture and house styles is limited to begin with, but after taking a request from a client, the relevant “set” for the request becomes available for later use;
– Clients will have a number of items awaiting unboxing when you begin a redesign that must be incorporated into the overall design;
– There are study “courses” at your desk, that you can exchange play coins to obtain;
– Courses can teach you the ability to add more forms of decorations to your home designs, such as “ceiling decorations”;
– After fulfilling a request and the client in question is satisfied, they move into their new home and your job is complete;
– The game features a “working day” system, instead of the usual “real-time clock” system;
– Once your tasks are complete, day turns to night and you can choose when to end the working day;
– You also have greater control over your appearance from the start;
– You can choose skin color, animal’s clothes and assign “roles”;
– Certain animals can be chosen to teach in the nearby school, or work behind the counter in the café;
– You can also arrange homes and public buildings into miniature diorama like scenes;
– The animals will accept any design created for them, so when designing a home, there is virtually no limit to what you can do;
– Furniture doesn’t need to be bought, bells don’t need to be spent, and your only real worry is running out of floor space;
– If you use an Animal Crossing amiibo card, you can make an animal instantly available for a home re-model;
– Cards also act as a gateway to invite animals into other animal’s homes or public facilities. For example, while visiting Teddy after a successful remodel, scanning in Stitches would make him drop by for a visit.

In addition to these details, we also have a new video uploaded by Nintendo UK, where they showcase Happy Home Designer at Hyper Japan 2015. You can watch it below: