Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Screenshots June 15 Feature

New Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Details

Some new details about Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon have surfaced thanks to 4Gamer.

Here’s a list of all the new tidbits:

– You can befriend 720 Pokémon;
– All Pokémon are connected one way or another;
– “Connection Orb” shows you these connections;
– It’s a new system that lets you see the relation between your Poke buddies;
– Shows the Pokémon you’ve met and the ones you’re connected to;
– Connection Orb can show you what Pokemon are worrying about;
– If you solve their problems, they’ll become your friends;
– You can also see Pokémon that your new friends are connected to;
– Become friends with Sylveon first;
– It’ll be found in a forest;
– Additional Pokémon will appear in the Connection Orb throughout the game;
– If you see a Pokémon that you like, you can work your way towards them and help them solve their problem and have them join your group;
– You can see Legendary and Mythical Pokémon and have them join you as well;
– Hoopa is an exception to this;
– Hoopa appears in a dungeon;
– “Warlock’s Pot” item can be used in a dungeon, and Hoopa will appear and help fight against monsters;
– You must acquire the item somewhere in the game world;
– Hoopa will occasionally call out Legendary or Mythical Pokémon;
– Sometimes they’ll appear as your allies and other times as enemies;
– You take on the role of a Pokémon child with amnesia;
– Nuzleaf will be there to take care of you;
– You’ll also attend school in town with other Pokémon kids, meeting classmates and teachers;
– Your first partner Pokémon will be an energetic and adventurous one, who dreams of making a world map;
– Other classmates: Pancham, Shelmet, Deerling, Goomy, Espurr;
– Teachers: Simipour, Watchog, Farfetch’d, Audino.