Pokémon CoroCoro Scans August 11 Feature

New CoroCoro details about Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon and the new Pokémon

Some scans of the upcoming CoroCoro issue have now leaked and provide us with some new details about Pokémon Mysteru Dungeon and a closer look at the new Pokémon that has been floating around the internet.

The Pokémon Mystery Dungeon scans showcase the Mega Evolution feature in the game as well as details on various smaller characters. According to the magazine, Mega Evolutions are capable of breaking through the Dungeon walls. There will be new items called Lapis and Ringle, with The Ringle being an hold item which contains Lapis in it. Lapis can only be found in dungeons and disappears when you leave the dungeon. Some examples of this are the Power Up Lapis, which increases your Pokémon’s strength, the Protect Up Lapis which reduces damage received, and the Barrage Protect Lapis, which protects you from multiple hits in a single turn.

The first images of the new green Pokémon have also shown up as well in another scan, that also confirms that Zygarde will be present in the upcoming 4th Act of the Pokémon XY Mega Evolution Special. No further details were given on the green Pokémon so far, but CoroCoro says that information on the green blob, the large shadow and their relation to the TV anime will be revealed in the next issue of the magazine, due to release on the 15th of September.

You can find the scans mentioned above in the gallery below:

NOTE: Interesting, more info by September 15th, hum… Could this mean a potential announcement of something by the end of the year? o.0′