Fast Racing Neo August 11 Feature

New FAST Racing Neo details and gameplay footage

A recent preview article by Nintendo World Report provides some additional details about Shin’en’s FAST Racing Neo.

Here’s a list of the new details mentioned:

– Racing courses include Sunhara Plains, Daitoshi Station, Storm Coast and Kamagori City;
– Most of them aren’t easy and require good reflexes as you strafe and race across various obstacles along the way;
– In Sunhara Plains, there are flame torches everywhere and being hit by one of these is brutal, since you will see many cars race by and it can cost you a lot of time;- Daitoshi Station is set in space and features an open area where you have to fly between various asteroids with very little room for error. At another point in that same course, asteroids are also trying to crush you and that will stun you;
– Storm Coast looked stunning, and made hefty use of the switching mechanics, while taking place in the pouring rain. These weather effects looked really amazing and created the perfect atmosphere;
– Kamagori City was short, with every lap being over in roughly 35 seconds. It’s set in a deserted city, complete with grafitti and green everywhere you look. You can also spot an old Nanostray boss in the background, and Shin’en said that other references will be found in the final version;
– The stages shown so far aren’t how the final cups will be. Although the design is nearly done, there will be a lot of internal testing before submitting the game for release, and the full game will also feature a variety of modes including the Championships, Multi Player, Online Play and a harsher Hero Mode. Neo will not feature various smaller challenge levels like the original, but promises that the other available options will be able to keep players engaged.

You can also find some new gameplay footage from the Gamescom 2015 demo below, thanks to NintenDaan.