Fire Emblem Fates Amiibo July 7 Featured

New details about Amiibo functionality in Fire Emblem Fates

As many of you must know by now, Nintendo has announced that the Amiibo of Marth, Ike, Robin and Lucina will unlock events with these characters inside Fire Emblem Fates’ My Castle feature.

Now, we have a few more details on how they work. Here’s a list:

– Amiibo characters appear in your plaza;
– Each one of them will challenge you to a battle;
– If you speak to them, they’ll share humorous fourth-wall dialogue about their time in Super Smash Bros.;
– Robin says: “I have the strangest feeling that before coming here, I battled against many combatants… launching people, getting launched…”;
– Ike says: “I just remembered… before coming here, I matched up against countless warriors from all over the world to hone my skills”;
– When you enter battle, the camera zooms in on Ike, who performs his iconic taunt from Super Smash Bros.;
– Lucina mentions “that battleground”, a place where she “honed her skills by matching up against competitors from around the world”;
– Marth says he’s happy to see you again and says “As we spoke before, my bonds with everyone have deepened through battle”;
– He then claims that he wants to know more about you, and then challenges you to a fight;
– Characters join your party after defeating them in battle;
– The main character will mention that s/he’s “is in the middle of an adventure”;
– The amiibo characters will then respond differently;
– Robin reflects on his own adventure, having fought many powerful enemies and making good friends;
– Ike says that by following you, he’ll become more powerful;
– Lucina notes that she came to this world to borrow your power;
– Marth notes that he understands you better now, and would like to join you without interrupting your journey.

NOTE: It’s cool how they referenced the fact these are Amiibo from the Smash series. Would be cool if they added Roy in at some point, don’t you think?