Tetsuya Takahashi Guidebook July 7 Feature

Tetsuya Takahashi says he wants to focus more on story for his next title after Xenoblade Chronicles X

After the release of Xenoblade Chronicles X in Japan, Tetsuya Takahashi, the executive director behind the game, had some thoughts to share with the fans through the game’s guidebook.

In it, he explains how he agrees with most of the feedback he received from the fans, including the following topics:

– Wanting a more passionate and rich story;
– The UI was a little difficult to use;
– The battle system had a little bit too much going on;
– The letters being to small;
– It’s a bit tedious to invite other party members;
– There should exist more lively online features;
– It would be cool to go into outer space.

Takahashi still feels that all the experience they got with this game will help them improve in the next one.

“Being several years behind others in the development of an HD title and taking into account Monolith Soft’s company size, there are just some thing that we could not achieve, which couldn’t be helped, but in order to move on towards the next step, there was no avoiding this. And that is the truth.”

He concluded by saying he would like to use this experience to make his next title something that is rich in story.

Special thanks to Siliconera for sharing this info.