Splatoon July 28 Feature

New details about Splatoon’s matchmaking options, plus new song and costume incoming

Earlier today, the official Japanese Twitter account shared some extra information about Splatoon’s upcoming matchmaking options.

According to them, the game gathers four pairs of tagged people with similar ranks, and then the pairs are randomly distributed to make two teams of four.The system also seems to take into account uneven numbers of players.

These pictures posted on the account should make it easier to understand:

CK_vlPVVAAAxeOu.jpg large CK_v3IpUYAAGN6z.jpg large CK_wCHdVEAAjwL0.jpg largeIn addition to these details, Nintendo has now uploaded a new song that will be made available with the upcoming August update. The song is called “Hooked” and is performed in-universe by the band Hightide Era.

In their recent update announcement, Nintendo also teased a sushi-chef costume as one of the upcoming outfits. Taking into account the outfit below won the Famitsu Fan-made Costume Contest back in June, it is probably the one they are talking about and will be added to the game once the update is up!