Harvest Moon Seeds of Memories Announcement Feature

New Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories Details

While talking with Natsume’s Graham Markay, our friends at Siliconera got some extra details about Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories.

Here’s a breakdown of the info shared by them:

“We heard what our fans had to say. We got compliments as well as criticisms. One of the main issues was probably a town. This returns to the fundamentals. Is there upgrades? Yes. Is there giving gifts? Yes. Are there a variety of bachelors and bachelorettes? Yes. This isn’t a sequel to The Lost Valley.” – Graham Markay, Vice President of Operations at Natsume

– At the beginning of the game, players arrive on a rustic farm that used to be in a striving town;
– As you sow crops and care for cows, the farm thrives and the townsfolk begin to remember what their town is like;
– You can visit residents in their homes and court five bachelors or bachelorettes;
– It is not a sequel to Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley;
– This game has some familiar characters;
– The Lost Valley’s clocksmith Andrea is in the game;
– Luke from The Lost Valley is also a datable character;
– A witch bachelorette and wizard bachelor were also added due to fan requests.