The Great Ace Attorney June 30 Feature

The Great Ace Attorney DLC Details, Launch Trailer, Gameplay Videos and Commercials

During the day, Capcom uploaded a bunch of trailers and videos from The Great Ace Attorney and revealed some new details about the game’s DLC.

According to them, the DLC will be coming in weekly episodes called “issues” of a “Randst Magazine”, priced at 300 yen each. Apparently, this is a reference to Strand Magazine, a magazine in which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories were originally published before they were released as books or anthologies.

Each “issue” will feature some short episodic content along with some making-of / behind the scenes content, like artwork or music. If you buy the game before July 19th, you’ll get the first DLC episode for free. The game releases in Japan on Thursday, next week.

Below you can find the launch trailer, some gamepla videos, the commercials and a making of video of said commercials.