New Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Details and Screenshots

The official Japanese Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon website was updated with a new batch of details and screenshots from the game.

You can find a list of the details and a screenshot gallery, below.

New details:

– Connection Orbs have replaced the previous Discussion Board;
– As you make friends, you can do requests;
– This is seen with the web of Pokémon seen during previous trailers;
– You can even find Legendary Pokémon through this;
– When you have completed a task for a Pokémon, it opens up paths for more tasks;
– You can use the Magic Lamp item to summon Hoopa into a dungeon;
– It can be either form and can call in various Legendary Pokémon as assistants;
– Pancham and Shelmet are bullies at a local Pokémon school, often picking on Goomy;
– Deerling is popular among the class, but is very blunt;
– Espurr is an intelligent student at the school;
– Simipour is the principal of the school in the town and seems to understand the children;
– Watchog is the vice principal;
– Audino is the doctor who heals you, is often serious but ends things in a joke and Farfetch’d is a serious teacher;