Splatoon July 23 Feature

New Splatoon weapon details and footage

The two new Splatoon weapons, the E-liter 3K Scope and the Neo Splash-o-matic, are now out and about.

That said, Nintendo has released the official overview of both weapons which you can find below:

Now, I’m not sure you amateur squid researchers are able to gather this from the name, but this here’s an E-liter 3K fitted with a scope. (Don’t worry. As you guys work your way up to Squid Researcher status, this stuff will start to come naturally.) The scope narrows your field of view, but you can acquire and snipe targets from extremely far away.

Now, this here Neo Splash-o-matic may look a lot like the Splash-o-matic, but it’s got different sub and special weapons, enabling you to use a whole new fighting style. Enemies incoming? Pick ‘em off with Burst Bombs. Enemies in the distance? Take ‘em out with the Inkzooka.

You can also find some footage of the new weapons in the video below: