Devils Third July 23 Feature

Japanese Devil’s Third intro video, new details and porting Unreal Engine 3 to Wii U

Nintendo recently released a new Japanese introduction video for Devil’s Third and updated the official website with some new info. You can find all details below.

The intro video also has some multiplayer footage that might prove interesting for those who haven’t seen it yet.

The Japanese site update reveals that you will need 16.4Gb of space to download the Devil’s Third to your Wii U, plus 16Mb for each user planning to create a save file.

You will be able to use either the Gamepad or a Wii U Pro Controller to play the game, and other control options aren’t supported.

Finally, the website also confirms that  the game will support microtransactions where you can buy “Golden Eggs”. You can then trade these for new weapons and armor or in-game currency.

Moreover, Tomonobu Itagaki, the creator of Devil’s Third,has also explained on his Facebook page that the team experienced various struggles while working with Unreal Engine 3. They had to obtain the source code needed for the engine on Wii U and adapt it themselves “with special customization”. They even had to come up with their own binaries.

NOTE: Taking into consideration that there have been other high profile games and ports that have tried using UE3 and had several problems with it, I can see where they are coming from and why the game has trouble going over 30 fps and experiences ocasional glitches… It’s a shame really. Maybe with a proper engine behind this they could have had better results and a reasonable player reception, but “oh well”, what’s done is done, right!?