SteamWorld Heist August 17 Feature

New SteamWorld Heist Details

Nintendo World Report has recently published a preview of SteamWorld Heist with some new details about the game.

Here’s a roundup of all the details:

– The game will feature different difficulty settings to choose from, and Image & Form hinted that drops and enemies will change depending on chosen difficulty;
– You no longer have to backtrack to your ship. Instead, you will have to approach a newly opened passageway and get there as safely as possible.
– This makes matches faster, but there is less sense of dread. Even after completing a level, new opponents can still appear and this makes it a harsh ride all the way through. While this still happens in the current version, there is more of a safety net;
– You can skip some of the loot, but you need to destroy all of the enemies in the level;
– Every character, friend or foe, can only move a set amount of steps and can only do so much once they are settled. If your steps remain within a certain buffer area, you are able to fire at your opponents;
– Not all the gunmen in your crew can hold the gun still and the firearms all act very different from one another. Some only shoot one strong bullet, while others shoot three weaker ones, for example;
– The female captain, Piper, has a gun with reticle right from the start. You have to bounce shots from walls so you can reach enemies from afar;
– You can later swap for a different gun that is more effective, but you won’t get any support;
– You have to use different items to keep yourself in the game, like Healing Oil, which recovers a robot’s hit points;
– Characters wear different hats in-game. These give the people status in this universe;
– Every hat and gun also has its own stats and abilities;
– Individual crew members will level up, which will allow them to better defend themselves and unlock new abilities as you progress;
– Piper can use a Power Shot right from the get go;
– Seabrass, your partner in crime, can use Payback, that will charge him up when he takes damage. When ready, the damage he can deal increases by 50%;
– Characters have pretty straightforward skill trees overall;
– In the original demo, you could freely explore space and tackle any mission you were interested in, but the game now has a map screen, so you will hop to every mission almost instantly;
– You can still visit bars and purchase items, as well as recruit members;
– These will only agree to join if you have reached a certain level, so you don’t have to straight up pay for them anymore. However, you will still lose them if you fail to protect them properly in battle.