Metroid Prime Federation Force July 2 Feature

Nintendo wants to expand the Metroid universe with Metroid Prime: Federation Force

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Kensuke Tanabe explains how Nintendo plans to use Federation Force as a way to expand the Metroid universe.

He also explains how his desire to create a co-operative experience meant that Samus needed to take a back seat, because it wouldn’t make sense to have 4 Samus’ on the battlefield at the same time.

Here’s his full statements:

“[Metroid Prime: Federation Force] is an attempt to expand the Metroid universe. As you can play with up to four players it wouldn’t make sense to play as four Samus characters! The game will be focused on co-op, working together as a team with up to four players. And obviously it is available as a single-player experience as well.”

“You have the option to choose load-outs for you to bring to the battle. However, you have to consider that there will be limitation for how much can carry as a character. If you carry the Super Missile then you’re classed as a Warrior type. If you have lots of Repair Capsules you could focus on being a Healer type.”

“I’ve always been thinking about having a battle between the Galactic Federation and Space Pirates. The Metroid Prime series fits between Metroid 2 and Super Metroid, as you may be aware. So it falls under that same timeline, but looking at it from a different perspective.”

“It’s set on a planet which the Galactic Federation used, way back when. The plot involves a struggle to retake that planet. You find out that Space Pirates now reside there and are building a weapon to use against the Federation. Players will fight the Space Pirates to stop them.”