November 7 to 13 3rd Party News Roundup

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional

Square Enix has prepared a new batch of screenshots from Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional. You can take a look at them in the gallery below.

Capcom at Jump Festa 2017

capcom-jump-festa-2017Capcom has now revealed its lineup of titles that will be on display at Jump Festa 2017 which will be taking place on December 17 and December 18 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba.

Here’s the lineup:

  • Monster Hunter Stories (3DS) – Playable, Tournament – Details about the tournament, including rules, how to participate, and exclusive gifts for participating will be announced on November 17. Applications to participate will also open on that date.
  • Monster Hunter XX (3DS) – Playable – The playable demo will let players choose from beginner (Yian Kut-Ku), intermediate (Barioth), and advanced (Balfark) quests.
  • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (PS4, XBO, PC) – Playable

Megami Meguri

Capcom has shared a new trailer for Megami Meguri featuring Tsukumo traveling around various areas in Japan and introducing items unique to those spots. You can watch it below.

Monster Hunter XX

Famitsu recently covered Monster Hunter XX, including an interview with some of the game’s developers. You can find some of the information shared below.

The production team includes Ryozo Tsujimoto as the series’ general producer, and Shintaro Kojima as the game’s main producer, just like with the previous title. However, this time the director is Daisuke Ichihara, who was a planner on Monster Hunter Generations and supervised monster productions. Takuro Hiraoka, who was part of the planning team, is now the main planner on XX. Yasunori Ichinose, the director for Monster Hunter Generations, will act as backup, supervising the concept and follow-up on the production to make sure there will be a proper evolution in relation to the last game.

To explain the concept of Monster Hunter XX, Tsujimoto referenced the previous game, which according to him was about freely enjoying the festive feel of “your own hunting” with the style that fits you. The main appeal last time was that it “cross(ed)” various features, so now the team wants to “cross” things even further, which is why they decided on the title XX (Double Cross).

When asked why they didn’t use “G” like in past entries, Tsujimoto said it was because “cross” is a special word for them. Since this is a special game with many unique features, they wanted to give it a special title too. Kojima also explained that they wanted a title with “word power”, and lining up two X characters also looked visually cool, so they decided to use it.

Barfalk is one of the main new monsters introduced in Monster Hunter XX. It’s an Elder Dragon that lives in a very, very high region, and until it was researched, the monster was thought to be a comet due to its shape while flying when people looked at the sky. It was first encountered in the new field Igun Peak, whose existence was already known to the Dragon History Institute, but had remained uninspected until now due to its location being way too high. Once the Dragon Signature Ship was made, people were able to go there.

When asked if Balfark shoots something like a red laser, Ichihara explained that it’s more like a gust that’s coming out from the wings, and that Balfark uses that power to fly around. A body organ in its chest sucks in air, which the wings release. Kojima then said that Balfark can perform various attacks while changing the shape of its winged legs. Hiraoka also added that since it’s an Elder Dragon, they could add features to it that couldn’t be normally imagined.

Next the developers discussed Ouma Diablos. Kojima started by saying that this monster is called the head of Deviant monsters, and is much more dangerous than others, even when compared to other strong Deviants. Ichihara added that they had to expand on the Deviant monsters that appeared in Monster Hunter Generations, so the development team came up with the concept of the Strongest Monster. Like other Deviants, quests for Ouma Diablos can be taken at the Assembly Bar, and there is also a story surrounding the character in that place.

The main story will revolve around these two main monsters, but in different locations. Balfark’s story takes place in the Dragon Signature Ship, while Ouma Diablos’ takes place in the Assembly Bar.

The developers then talked about the concept of the new Brave Style, which further specializes towards action and is aimed at fans who want sharper hunting. The Renkin Style is more aimed towards people who want to have fun in hunting with everyone.

The Brave Style is very aggressive and features an offensive style. The key to mastering it is by constantly attacking the monster itself, so the player needs to be brave in keeping up with attacks. That’s where the style name comes from. It is more suited to experienced hunters in a different way from Bushido Style, and the play tempo is obviously different from other styles.

New Hunting Techniques have been added to each of the fourteen weapon types, and some of them have very different standing positions and abilities, so the developers want players to ponder on which techniques to equip.

When asked about the Dragon Signature Ship, Ichihara shared that it’s a base complete with various facilities and allows for long-time stay. They want to let players explore a wider world in this game, so the new idea was born that “if a base is flying they can go to lots of fields”. Kojima said that it’s a very large ship, and other ships may stop by to have visitors step in, so it also acts like an harbor.

Among the connected ships, one of them acts as the Assembly Bar. Players can take on multiplayer and G-Rank quests here. Just like how Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate had Dundorma and Elder’s Palace, in this game there are new bases in Berna Village and the Dragon Signature Ship, so players can have new encounters, adventures, and hunting experiences.

Igun Peak, which is accessible from the Dragon Signature Ship, is said to have many mysterious places such as big waterfalls, caves and ruins. In the main visual, the hunters fight against Balfark on the top of the Igun Peak.

Hiraoka, Ichihara, Ichinose, Kojima, and Tsujimoto ended the interview by sharing brief messages with the fans:

Hiraoka – Various information has been released, but the team is also preparing even more features. The whole dev team is doing its best to make even better things until the end.

Ichihara – Monster Hunter XX can be enjoyed by both people who have played the prequel and those who will start with this game. The contents will enable players to further pursue their own way of hunting.

Ichinose – Believes it’d be good if this title can show the breadth of the whole series.

Kojima – In this title, the hunting becomes even broader, and it also has replay value.

Tsujimoto – This title “cross(es)” even more features than Generations. The team is carrying out many expansions on the whole Monster Hunter series, so he’ll be glad if people continue to support it.

In addition to what was covered by Famitsu, the latest issue of V Jump has also teased a collaboration with the Detective Conan series. According to the magazine, two pieces of armor based on the manga are planned, but no further details or images are included.

Capcom has also revealed the existence of a Monster Hunter XX Limited Edition, and showed off what will be included in the package. All copies will feature a copy of the game, an Outdoor Products Mini Shoulder Bag, a Creators Selection Soundtrack with five songs, and a Production Note (32 pages in A4 size). As an e-Capcom bonus, there wil be a Renkin Style Acrylic Dot Mascot. Nine designs will be available, and consumers will receive one of them at random. Other exclusive bonuses include codes for two 3DS themes and save data bonus for Monster Hunter Stories. The Monster Hunter XX Limited Edition comes out on March 18 at the same time as the main game. It’s being sold for 12,744 yen at the e-Capcom store. You can find some photos of it below.

Finally, Capcom added a ton of videos to their channel showcasing the new Brave Style. You can find the first one below, which is connected to the remaining videos in the playlist.

All Kamen Rider: Rider Revolution

Bandai Namco’s All Kamen Rider: Rider Revolution will be out on December 1st in Japan, so the company has recently revealed the game’s special edition, which contains the game itself, a Kaigan Ghost toy, a keychain and a poster for 8200 yen.

You can also find some new screenshots and artwork that were shared in the gallery below.

Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden, One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum

The special cross-play update for Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden and One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum is now available for the two games.

After applying this update, players using one of the two games can now battle against each other online or through local play.

However, Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden players can only choose characters from the Dragon Ball series, and vice versa for One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum.

You can find a new trailer promoting the new cross-play feature in both games below.

Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan: Shijou Psi-dai no Psi-nan!?

Bandai Namco has released a launch trailer for Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan: Shijou Psi-dai no Psi-nan!?. You can watch it below.

SEGA 3D Fukkoku Archives 3: Final Stage

SEGA has recently released a new promotional video for SEGA 3D Fukkoku Archives 3: Final Stage. Check it out below.

Puyo Puyo Chronicle

SEGA recently shared some more information about Puyo Puyo Chronicle. You can find a roundup of the details below thanks to Gematsu‘s translation.

Puyo Puyo Chronicle features a new “Skill Battle” rule where players form a team of up to three characters and have to make good use of each of their skills to advance the battle. There are two types of skills in the game: “Auto Skills” which are triggered automatically under certain conditions, and “Special Skills” which have to be manually activated by pressing the X button at the cost of MP. These Skills can have a variety of effects, from changing the state of the puzzle field, to recovering HP, among others. Each character has a variety of skills to choose from, which get more powerful the more you use them. Skills can essentialy help you beat the game even if you aren’t that good at puzzle games.

Three new characters were introduced:

puyo-puyo-chronicle_2016_11-07-16_003Rider (voiced by Noriko Namiki)

An extremely shy girl who is ashamed of the horns on her head, so she rolls them up into buns to hide them.

Auto Skill: Shy Girl (increases HP)

Special Skill: Sereno (increases all allies’ defense)

puyo-puyo-chronicle_2016_11-07-16_004Sig (voiced by Yuriko Fuchizaki)

An absentminded and kinda strange student of Primp Magic School. His left arm and eye look pretty peculiar, but he only cares about his favorite bugs.

Auto Skill: My Pace (increases Recovery)

Special Skill: Smart (decreases defense of all enemies)

puyo-puyo-chronicle_2016_11-07-16_005Suketoudara (voiced by Hisayoshi Suganuma)

A huge fish who grew limbs. He is always dancing, no matter the situation. It is somehow impossible to hate him.

Auto Skill: Rising Power (increases HP)

Special Skill: Fire Spin (decreases attack of all enemies)

Finally, you can find some more gameplay footage from the game in the video below.

The Alliance Alive

A new commercial for FuRyu’s The Alliance Alive has now been posted online. You can watch it below.

Beyblade Burst

Beyblade Burst is now available in Japan, so a new TV commercial is being broadcast. You can watch it below.

Nyoki Nyoki: Tabidachi Hen

Nyoki Nyoki: Tabidachi Hen, which is releasing on the Japanese 3DS eShop on November 16, has got a new trailer. You can watch it below, followed by some gameplay footage from the title.

RPG Maker Fes

RPG Maker Fes, the next installment in the RPG Maker series, will be launching on 3DS on November 24th in Japan.

The games created with it can be played with RPG Maker Fes Player, which can be downloaded for free from the eShop even if you don’t own RPG Maker Fes.

It has been revealed via the latest issue of Famitsu that this RPG Maker Fes Player will be launching on November 16th, one week before RPG Maker Fes. There won’t be any games created by other players with RPG Maker Fes at that point, so the RPG Maker Fes Player will instead allow you to try out a selection of games made by “legendary creators”, also know as prominent developers and contest winners. Famitsu will be covering those games in its next issue.

Meanwhile, a trailer for RPG Maker Fes has been released, which you can watch below.

Bases Loaded 2016

A teaser site for Bases Loaded 2016 has now been made accessible over here.

The game features multiplayer through local play. You can also make your own original team with “Player Edit” and “Team Edit”. JACLUB, which is comprised of characters from Jaleco titles, will appear as well.

You can find a few screenshots in the gallery below.

LEGO Dimensions

The LEGO Dimensions “Meet That Hero!” video series has recently received a fourth video featuring Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which is getting a new pack this month. Check it out below.

Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers

Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers is now available in stores. That said, you can find a new launch trailer and some gameplay footage below.