November 7 to 13 Indie News Roundup

Aqua TV

EM Studios’ Aqua TV will be out on November 17 for €4.70 on the Wii U eShop. The title is reminiscent of the My Aquarium series that once graced the Wii’s WiiWare collection.

The main purpose of Aqua TV is to provide an interactive aquarium that allows users to select various fish and choose from different ornaments/wallpapers. Additional packs will feature more fish and decoration sets.

You can find a trailer for Aqua TV below.

Lionel City Builder 3D: Rise of the Rails

Lionel City Builder 3D: Rise of the Rails is finally coming to Europe.

The game is now listed for a November 17 release, at a €4.99 price point.

lione_city_builder_1920x813Ohayou! Beginner’s Japanese

ohayou-beginners-japaneseOhayou! Beginner’s Japanese will be out on the North America Wii U eShop on November 17, and will be sold for $4.99. It will be coming to Europe on November 24.

Finger Fun Games is also planning to release the game on Switch and 3DS, and all versions will eventually be updated with new vocabulary, grammar, and kanji.

Here is an overview of the game:

“Have you always been interested in learning Japanese? Asuka and Kenji are here to help guide you along the path to learning how to read Japanese Hiragana and Katakana. Use digital flash cards to learn how to both write and how to pronounce each character. And when you think you’ve gotten a grasp of the language, you can participate in a memory game of over 60 lessons requiring you to use your finger to ‘cut’ across the matching Hiragana or Katakana. If you get past these lessons, you will surely learn the basics of the Japanese language!”

Swap Fire

Swap Fire will be coming to the North American Wii U eShop on November 17, and will sell for $14.99.

It’s a new first-person shooter mande by Midnight Status.

You can find an overview of the title and trailer below.

“Swap Fire’s a shooter with a literal twist. Shooting other players rips a hole in spacetime thus swapping your locations. You’ll have to commit to losing in order to win in Drop Zone, manage spacetime to dominate the map in Control Point, master the art of teleportation to go for the gold in Swoccer, and much more!

The year is 2139. Retro Quantum Industries (RQI) has invented the next wave of transportation. Forget autonomous vehicles, these scientists invented teleportation! Unfortunately, even 2139’s technologically advanced citizens are terrified to have their bodies teleported through time and space. After spending billions of dollars on R + D, the company cannot afford commercial failure.

The solution is Swap Fire! A high stakes game show, featuring teenage contestants utilizing RQI’s teleportation technology. Sales and usage of consumer grade personal teleporters spiked after the first season of Swap Fire, in which Justin Agitprop was crowned as the Swap Fire Valedictorian. Now, it’s time for season two. The fans are eager and the executives at RQI are more so!”

Galaxy Blaster

RCMADIAX’s new New 3DS game, Galaxy Blaster, is scheduled for release on the eShop on December 8.

The listed date is specifically for Europe, but the North American release should happen around the same time.

There is not much information about it floating around, but it looks like yet another game focused on achieving high scores.


Bear Box Media has recently announced a new Pictionary-inspired game for the Wii U eShop called Scribble. The studio is currently aiming for a release just before the holidays at a prince point of $4/€4/£3.

Below you can find an overview of Scribble, followed by some screenshots.

It comes with over 1500 words from 17 categories, such as Objects, Places and People, and of course the customary “Difficult” category. However, it also includes an “Easy mode” category, customised specifically for children, meaning kids can play alongside adults and still take part in both drawing and guessing.

Scribble includes 5 unique modes for up to 8 players: Versus mode (all against all), Teams (Red VS Blue, team sizes 2-6), Elimination (Players take turns drawing until someone fails to guess their picture, at which point they are eliminated from the game (but can still guess other pictures)), Barricade (Blockbusters inspired mode, in which teams try to reach the opposite side of a board from their starting point) and Tug’O’Draw (A team game, but everyone guesses. Whichever team guesses scores the point, and the other team loses one. First to reach 10 points, wins.)

Similar to U Host’s question creator, players also have the option to create as many of their own words as they can think of, stored in a custom category that can be toggled on and off.

Scribble also includes game modifiers called “Mutators” that change the way in which the game is played, specifically, how things are drawn. For example, Blackout mode covers the artist’s screen with a black ink splat, making it tricky to see what they’re drawing. Another example is Mirror Mode, which horizontally inverts where the artist is drawing. This can lead to some hilarious moments, when drawing something simple suddenly becomes seemingly impossible. I’m aware that some players find these Mutators more leaning on the side of frustrating than fun, so every one of them is entirely optional, and can be toggled on and off in the setup screen.

With 5 game modes, each offering a different experience, I’ve also included a “Just Doodle” mode, which strips out the timer and the Mutators, giving players a mode where they can just sit back and practice their drawing, make their own rules, or even combine it with Board-games such as Pictionary.

Earthlock: Festival of Magic

675c10ad2b1fa2cb4cf04acad18d5fbd_originalSnowCastle Games has recently shared a new status update where it confirmed it’s still planning on bringing Earthlock: Festival of Magic to Wii U.

A third-party service will be used to more swiftly bring the game to Wii U, potentially around early 2017.

You can find out more about this latest update over here.

Bizerta: Silent Evil

11838718_859243080824417_3101444419691370448_oEdrox Interactive has recently shared a new update on Facebook, claiming it’s still doing its best to have Bizerta: Silent Evil out on the Wii U eShop later this year.

The developer also mentioned there’s a possibility that a Switch version will be made, and that if it were to happen, those who purchased the game on Wii U would be able to get a free copy of the game on Switch by sending in their invoice from when they bought the Wii U version.


terrariaA new update for Terria on 3DS is now on the way, and currently in submission with Nintendo.

In it, expanded worlds are being introduced, and the team also fixed a number of issues and bugs, while simultaneosly bringing it more in line with the PC version of the game.

You can find a summary of all the details about the 1.04 update on the Terraria Forums, over here.


Teku Studios have now finally completed work on Candle, and the indie game has started to debut on various platforms. Candle is still scheduled for release on the Wii U, but it’s unclear if it will transition to or receive another version on the Switch.

In the meanwhile, you can enjoy the release trailer, which can be found below.


Circle Entertainment has uploaded a new introduction video dedicated to the Kutar series, which recently debuted in the North American 3DS eShop.

You can watch it below to learn more about the franchise.


Good Mood Creators recently published a new trailer for Mekazoo, which highlights the game’s co-op features.

You can watch it below.