Pokémon – Hoopa Distribution Announced and Mega Evolution is coming to Super Mystery Dungeon

This month’s CoroCoro magazine scans have began to surface and we got a few extra details about Hoopa and Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon.

Regarding The Archdjinni of the Rings – Hoopa, the movie is set for release in Japan  in Summer 2015. In the magazine, it’s confirmed the movie will have a distribution event in which you can get Hoopa from July 18th 2015 to September 30th 2015 for Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. It also contains the full method of getting Hoopa Unbound in ORAS and the first official reveal of Hoopa Confined’s signature move, Hyperspace Hole. The distribution Hoopa will have the moves Hyperspace Hole, Psychic, Nasty Plot and Astonish and will be holding the Focus Sash item.

When it comes to Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, the first image of the set contains a first look at the special 3DS theme you get for preordering the game. Next, it is also revealed some artwork of the title and confirmed that Mega Evolution will be present in the game. It also confirms that Hoopa Unbound will appear somewhere within the game.

The magazine scans can be found in the gallery below: