Stella Glow – New trailers and footage

SEGA recently uploaded two trailers for Stella Glow showcasing the heroines’ Song Magic.

This powerful magic plays an important role both in the story and battle. However the heroines can’t access it at any time. For them to use these powerful abilities it is necessary for Alto to unlock them. This is done by stabing their chests, diving inside their heart and taking out a beast inside them. Upon slaying the beast, you get to use the heroine’s song and may even unlock their Godess Form.

In the following video we can see Popo, the Witch of the Wind, use her Song Magic, that disables all enemies on the field from taking any kind of action.

In the next one, we take a look at Risette’s own Song Magic, which recovers HP and SP to all alies in the battlefield. She is the Witch of the Water.

Finally, in this piece of footage from a recent live-stream, we can witness another Witch, Moldimolt, using her Song Magic, putting all enemies to sleep. We also can see a new comercial at the end.

Also, this previous piece of footage showed off Sakuya’s Song Magic, that boosts all allies’ Critical Hit rate.

Stella Glow is set for release in Japan on June 4, and in North America at a later date.