PoPoLoCrois Farm Story – Story details

Thanks to our friends at Siliconera we now have an idea of what is said in the PoPoLoCrois Farm Story trailer we published the other day.

Here’s a summary of the story details.

The PoPoLoCrois kingdom enjoyed a moment of peace until it was disturbed by the “Dark Beasts” that appeared out of nowhere. These beasts sealed away the faeries and ruined the land.

In order to bring the world back to normal, Prince Pietro embarks on a journey. He is visited by a diplomat from “Galariland” named Marmella, and is told that the key to saving the world lies sonewhere within her land, so he decides to travel there. However, this is a trap set up by Marmella.

Garaliland has four main lands of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, and each land’s town and village have all kinds of characters to encounter. Along the way, he makes new friends and comrades that will help him take down the Dark Beasts.

At 1:19, we get to see some of PoPoLoCrois Farm Story’s battle system. The battles are played in a simple turn-based system, where characters have special attacks, and are all done on a battlefield grid. You can also change between manual and automatic controls.

As you proceed through the various lands of Garaliland, you will come across various farms. By defeating the Dark Beasts, you will get to use them to your liking. This part of the game doesn’t have much to do with the story, but you will get to enjoy some Harvest Moon-style moments with livestock and crops that you can take advantage of in order to craft some useful items.

Each village and town in Garaliland will have key characters. These include kind girls, that will help you out in the farm, and those in need of help, with various quest requests for Pietro. By interacting with and helping them, Pietro will be more successful in his quest to bring the world back to normal.

PoPoLoCrois Farm Story is set for release in Japan on June 18, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.