Great Ace Attorney June 11 Feature

The Great Ace Attorney – New Character Introduction Videos, Screenshots and Development Details

Capcom has now finished development on The Great Ace Attorney and is starting to promote the game even more in preparation for its release.

That said, they recently uploaded two new character introduction videos focusing on Susato Mikotoba, Ryuunosuke’s “Legal Assistant”, and Barok van Zieks, his rival prosecutor. You can watch both of them below:

Our friends at Siliconera also managed to enlighten us about what the creators are talking about in Susato Mikotoba’s video. Apparently they discuss how they came up with her character.

Here’s the relevant text quoted from Siliconera’s website:

Takumi starts out by explaining that Susato is the girl who will travel alongside Ryuunosuke in his voyage to the United Kingdom. Her name was made from letters that Takumi felt were pretty, as he aligned them together.

She meets the requirements of being what’s called a “legal affairs girl,” which is basically a position that helps out attorneys. She also likes mystery novels, including stories with Sherlock Holmes. Since Susato is big on reading, she’s an informative lady, and will often help out with useful information, and will occasionally say some strange but interesting quotes. She also has a bit of a sweet tooth.

As far as her design goes, she’s been made with a graceful Japanese woman as the main focus, and given the era in which the game takes place, it seemed more fitting to have her dressed in a kimono.

Takumi had different kinds of ideas such as make her look like this, and have her holding this or that, but ultimately he decided that her looks would be best kept simple. At times, she may seem more like an adult compared to Ryunosuke, but that is precisely what makes the two work well together as characters.

In addition to the videos above, the 4Gamer and Dengeki websites have uploaded a new batch of screenshots from the game. You can view them in the gallery below: