Zero Escape Virtues Last Reward July 11 Feature

Uchikoshi has high hopes for the Zero Escape series, wants it to appeal to mainstream gamers

While speaking with Gamaustra, Zero Escape director Kotaro Uchikoshi recently stated he has high hopes for the series and how he wants it to reach the same sort of success as TV dramas like Lost and 24.

He also said that he wouldn’t be satisfied with Zero Escape just being a cult hit, and that he’d like for the franchise to “appeal to mainstream gamers”.

Here’s is full comment:

“Compared to other media, I feel like fans support us feverishly. It’s very humbling and I appreciate it very much. The full impact is just beginning to hit me.”

“… if you look at TV dramas such as Lost, 24, and Prison Break, those are considered to be very successful. You have to be that big to consider yourself to be successful. I know you might laugh, thinking, ‘Wow, you’re comparing yourself to a different scale,’ but with my development staff, [publisher] Aksys’ help, and our fans’ continued support, I feel like it’s a possibility to reach that level.”

“Rather than being ‘a cult hit that only core players know,’ we are constantly thinking how we can appeal to mainstream gamers. Therefore, if we want to make our project even bigger, we need to work on it.”