Dragon Quest VIII V-Jump Video Interview Feature

Dragon Quest VIII – V-Jump Discussion with Noriyoshi Fujimoto and Gameplay Footage + PS2 Comparison Video

The V-Jump team spent some time with Noriyoshi Fujimoto, the game’s producer, talking a little bit about the game and some of the aspects specific to the 3DS version, while simultaneously showing off some gameplay.

Here are some of the main points discussed in the video below:

  • Dragon Quest VIII’s 3DS version will have visible encounters similar to those from Dragon Quest VII for the 3DS;
  • Maps will be very easy to navigate, because locations are marked and you can simply touch on a location to get the name;
  • Fields in the game do not support stereoscopic 3D as it would have taken up double the memory and affected their ability to add the visible encounters as well as limited the distances you would be able to see in stereoscopic 3D;
  • The 3DS version also adds blue treasure chests that will respawn over time and can possibly contain items such as gold.

In addition, we have another PS2 comparison video courtesy of ninten2tv. You can watch it below: