The Great Ace Attorney Famitsu Episode 4 June 20 Feature

The Great Ace Attorney 4th Episode Famitsu Details and Screenshots + Promo Videos

Thanks to latest issue of Famitsu we now have some new details and screenshots from the 4th episode of The Great Ace Attorney’s story.

Here’s a breakdown of the Famitsu details and the related screenshots:

– The 4th episode is titled “The Adventure of the Foggy Night and I”;
– Ryuunosuke takes on the defense of the famous Japanese author, Natsume Souseki, asked again by Chief Justice Vortex to stand in court;
– The defendant is Souseki, a Japanese transfer student living with his cat, Wagahai;
– Souseki is accused of stabbing a young woman, admiting he and the victim were the only ones at the scene, but Souseki wound up running away;
– Ryuunosuke and Susato take the case;
– The two begin interviewing the townspeople on the street near the murder scene in search of clues;
– One of the people they encounter is John Garrideb, a well-to-do gentleman who seems to take his name from a Sherlock Holmes story, “The Adventure of the Three Garridebs”;
– They also run into Iris, who shows off her own skills of deduction, putting Ryuunosuke on the receiving end of a Holmesian observe-and-deduce session;
– A picture of a man is shown in Famitsu who seems to be from the police – he appeared on the boxart under Vortex. More info on him is promised for next time.

Also, here are 3 more promo videos and a character introduction video dedicated to Sherlock Holmes (if someone translates this, I will make a post with the info later):